The following is included in the price:-

  • Fishing rod, reels & tackle, Spear Gun, Floats and Float Boats
  • Diving Weight belts
  • Dive bottles
  • Full galley facilities
  • Transport from Tuatapere to and from the Takapu
  • All meals
  • Dive compressor
  • Dive platform
  • Boarding ladder
  • Full size shower & toilet
  • Tender(runabout) available
  • A washing machine & dyer is on board

Dive gear adds up to a lot of weight & room in the helicopter!

Combine all these features with the opportunity to dive, shoot, or fish Fiordland and have the makings of a “Never to be forgotten wilderness experience”

Hunting Permits

Hunters permit is required (no cost incurred). Go to follow links.

What to Take

It pays to keep with you when traveling to the boat gum boots & rain coat, insect repellent as you may not always be with your gear to be able to get to them.
Because Fiordland has four seasons in one day, line your bags & backpacks with plastic bin liners as this will help to keep gear dry. Nothing like sleeping in a soggy sleeping bag!
Bring own sleeping bag and towel. Along with basic wet weather gear, warm & some light clothing, gum boots, light shoes for inside. Insect repellent, a hat or cap as the sand flies will find parting or bold spot. Plus sunscreen. (Pillow provided)
We will ring prior to the charter season & ask for the approx amount of beer that your group may consume!! As we take this in on the boat, as it’s too heavy to fly in by helicopter. By all means bring your choice of wine & something for that hot toddy. By all means bring your own choice of wine, a hot toddy and mixers.
For those who dive please provide a diving certificate.

Important Phone Numbers

The following is a list of contact numbers that you may find useful. To contact Takapu Charters click here.

Last Light Lodge

For those who intend to stay at the Last Light Lodge, we suggest you BOOK EARLY because of the Hump Ridge Track in the area.

Phone (03) 226 667

Email lastlightlodge

Emergency Contact Numbers

If at any time you need to make an emergency call then use the following numbers:-

In case of an emergency first contact Julie on +64 027 224 1284

Then Bluff Fisherman’s Radio. Meri (03) 212 7281 – Mobile 027 436 0396. There is no cell phone coverage on the boat.

Heli My Way Ltd.

Heli My Way Ltd. Mobile –  027 568 8204 After receiving the manifest please make sure you have filled out & emailed back to Takapucharters

Departure & return by helicopter will be from the Last Light Lodge Tuatapere. Approx time for departure is around (8:30am – 8.45am) weather permitting.

Heli My Way Ltd.
17 Findlay Rd.